Elemental Games hero backdrop

Our mission

Elemental Games exists because of our passion for our crafts and desire to create gaming experiences that explore new territories. Games that move away from stereotypes and tropes. Building unseen worlds, open to any player with an explorative mind.

Who we are

Elemental Games is a privately held and self-funded company, founded by industry veterans Linus Blomberg, Viktor Blomberg, Oskar Blomberg, Kristofer “Loffan” Labedzki, Robert Krupa, Martin ‘Kritan’ Bergquist, Christian Nilsendahl, Emil ‘Humus’ Persson, Andreas Tillema, Tobias Ekholm, Joacim Jacobsson, and Anders Bergman-Salinas.

With a combined industry experience of over a century, we’ve been fortunate to be founding partners of Avalanche Studios and work in key roles at Ubisoft, Epic Games and DICE.

You’ll find us in the credits of the Just Cause, Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront series, as well as Mad Max, Fortnite and numerous other blockbuster games, engines and films.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Elemental Games, feel welcome to drop us a line.

What we do

Since our first days in the Swedish gaming industry back in the 90’s, we’ve been everything from interns to founding CEOs. But whatever the role, first and foremost we’ve been gamers.

Over the years, an idea started forming, organically growing until we had to drop everything else to make it a reality. It was time for something new. Time to build exactly what we would love to play ourselves.

Open-world games that span over and beyond traditional genre definitions. Unified by the notion of engaging systemic gameplay and deep immersion, completed by top-of-the-line audio and visual fidelity. We wanted to let technology, design, and art work closer together and elevate each other to reach unexplored territories.

Worlds that you wouldn’t see from off-the-shelf monolithic engines, brought to life by our experience, technical expertise and indubitable dedication to our craft.

As quality will lead everything, we’ll never release something that does not meet the high standards set by ourselves and you, the players of our games. Based on your feedback and collected data, the development will be powered by iterative releases, a process designed to invite you.

Welcome to an inclusive artform, free from romanticisation of violence and negative norms.

Welcome to titles driven by experiences, not financial goals.

Welcome to Elemental Games.

Something New Awaits.